Virgin Atlantic voyager avec des animaux domestiques

What is Virgin Atlantic policy on pet acceptance?

Virgin Atlantic will accept pets for travel in the hold only, which is heated and air-conditioned just like the cabin. Your pet will travel as cargo, and advance arrangements must be done by contacting Virgin Atlantic’s Shipping department before you book your tickets. You don’t have to be on the same flight with your pet.

Which pets are accepted on Virgin Atlantic flights?

Virgin Atlantic will transport only cats and dogs. However, snub or pug nose breeds or any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act, will not be accepted for transportation. Virgin Atlantic also refuses the carriage of the following dogs: Boerboel and Bully Cutter (Kutta).

Pets as cargo

You need to make your pet’s booking at least a week before your flight. The cost of taking your pet on a Virgin Atlantic flight depends on the size of its travel box. Your pet can be transported by Virgin Atlantic to the following destinations: Boston, Chicago, JFK, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington, Vancouver, Sydney, Narita, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Barbados. Direct bookings cannot be made for pets traveling to Narita or Sydney; Virgin Atlantic will only accept bookings from IPATA pet agents.

Pets should be checked with Virgin Atlantic Cargo 4 hours before your departure time. Virgin Atlantic will not accept any pets who are under sedation. It is your responsibility to determine the correct sized traveling cage for your pet. Transportation will be refused if the cage is judged to be too small for your pet. The minimum size cage accepted is 53 x 40 x 38 cm (21 x 16 x 15 in).

Assistance Dogs

A fully qualified Assistance Dog will be accepted to travel with its owner in the cabin to/from the following destinations: Boston, Chicago, JFK, Newark, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington, Dubai, Hong Kong, Antigua, Barbados, and Tobago. To be allowed in the cabin of the aircraft, Assistance Dogs should have formal identification from the UK Department of Health, and should also be qualified by one of the following organisations: Dogs for Good, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Support Dogs, or Canine Partners. Assistance Dogs from other nations should meet the full membership criteria of the established international assistance dog organisations when entering the UK. To avoid quarantine in the UK, all animals must meet the criteria of the Pet Travel Scheme.

You must contact the Animal Reception Centre at your airport and fax them copies of all your Assistance Dog’s documents. You also need to inform Virgin Atlantic’s Special Assistance team, at least three working days before your flight, that you plan to travel with an Assistance Dog. On the day of your flight, you must check in at the counter and present a copy of the Animal Reception Centre pre-approval letter. For use during takeoff, landing, or whenever the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign is illuminated, you must bring a safety harness. It is recommended that you also bring an absorbent mat for your Assistance Dog.

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