Plan de cabine US Airways Airbus A320

Seat map for US Airways Airbus A320

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Class Tanguage ?Largeur Sièges
First Class 38 21 12
Coach 31-33 18 138

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There are 76 A320s in US Airway’s fleet, which has a total of 384 planes in its mainline group. The A320 is a twin-engine, fuel-efficient aircraft that offers dual-class service and state-of-the-art entertainment systems for both movies and music. It has a total seating capacity of 142-150 passengers. The standard layout is 16 first class seats and 126 Economy class, but this can be changed to 12 First and 138 Economy.
All seats on A319, A320, A321 and A330 planes are equipped with laptop power ports. Adapters are necessary and can be found at most major electronic stores.
Audio and/or video entertainment is provided on select A319, A320, A321, A330, B757 and B767 planes. Headset may be purchased for $5 to listen to a choice of ten music channels and a selection of video programmes.
Airfone service is available on every row of seats on most US Airways planes.

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Place 13d
Départ Tampa-Tampa International (TPA)
Arrivée Charlotte-Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
Tavel dat july 13,14, 2013 and are a party of 6. We have row 13 seats #a,b,c,d,e,f and I thought we had requested to be able to be seated so we could see out at something at least in front of the wings or just behind with 2 window seats.As per this pic of the aircraft not happening. Sucks but thats what you get when you book aeroplan. We've knoown thing can change but this is our 3rd itenary change we have had to make for incovenience sake.They change up thng andf are not considerte of the times and requests. Not even asking first if its ok or sending an email in advance to accomdate a choise or pick another. We have had to do lots of reconstructing on our own because of it. Making lots of calls and follow ups to the airport, airline,aeroplane. This should be somewhat cut and dry.BUT NOW WE KNOW. NEXT TIME.!!! If we do travel******I think this falls 80% on aeroplan's fault/lap.
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Place 7F
Départ Phoenix-Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)
Arrivée Philadelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
I had a positive experience overall. I had a nice view out of the window and the legroom was unexpectedly spacious. The seats were comfortable and wide enough so I did not feel I was crowding the person beside me. There was no entertainment available and I did not recline my seat (I think it is extremely rude to do this if there is a person behind you), but I rated it as "Good" because the review would not allow me to submit without marking something.
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Place 25F
Départ Charlotte-Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
Arrivée Seattle, WA-Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
The flight was pretty good. This A320 was older configuration so the radios were in the armrests but they did not work, There were no TV's. I was so far in the back I could look out the window towards the back of the plane and see the elevators. One thing that was not too fun was being in very turbulent airspace with a full cup of sprite and a chicken cobb salad that I bought, It actually was not that bad for 5 1/2 hours.
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Place 19F
Départ Charlotte-Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
Arrivée Seattle, WA-Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
Good flight. The A320 I was in was the new configuration. The no smoking sign was replaced with a sign that said turn off all electronic devices. I bought some flatbread wrap for a snack but it was just ok. But one problem was that people found the overhead bins were hard the shut, you had to lift the latch and really push it then let go.
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Place 3a
Départ Phoenix
Arrivée vancouver
Older model plan, missing all of the added amenities the newer models feature. Did have WiFi by Gogo available. We were traveling with our small dog. Carrier barely fit under the seat, on other carriers and planes, have never had this issue before. Flight was in the evening and snacks were offered. Nothing out of the ordinary was served.
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Place #NA
Départ Philadelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
Arrivée Denver-Denver International (DEN)
The pitch of the recline of the seats seems almost nonexistent anymore. Legroom and width are not a big issue for us as we are not big people, but it is nice to be able to recline a bit. Middle seat always has the problem of what to do with ones arms.
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Place 5C
Départ IAH
Arrivée Charlotte - Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
Narrow seat; had to use seatbelt extension.

Several indiviuals went forward to use the bathroom while isle was obstructed with food (DRINK SERVICE).

Delay in flight departure (weather) affected the flight's food / drink service.

Seat (5C) equipped with older audio entertaiment jack. Not sure if hardware was functional.
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Place 1C
Départ Guadalajara-Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International(GDL)
Arrivée Phoenix-Sky Harbor Intl(PHX)
Never, never, never ever again. Absolutely the least helpful cabin crew I have ever come across as a veteran flyer. Food was satisfactory, but not up to standard of other US air carriers. I'm completely unimpressed by the hard and soft product on US.
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Place 3C
Départ Albany - Albany International (ALB)
Arrivée Charlotte - Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
This is a fully reclining seat, provided that the coat rack behind you is not filled. There was ample leg room. The particular aircraft used was very old and worn. There is no IFE on American Airlines/USAirways aircraft of this type yet.
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Place 13F
Départ PHL (Philadelphia)
Arrivée SEA (Seattle/Tacoma)
The flight was enjoyable as we flew over the mountains and great lakes. It was a cloudless flight the whole way. There was no in flight entertainment what so ever and service wasn't to great at all. No food was free
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