Plan de cabine Thai Airways International Boeing B777 200ER (77E)

Seat map for Thai Airways International Boeing B777 200ER (77E)

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Class Sièges
Royal Silk Class 30
Economy Class 262

Présentation générale

There are 8 Boeing 777-200s in the Thai fleet of 87 aircraft with two different configurations. This configuration has a total seating capacity of 309 passengers in a two-class layout.
Royal First Class and Royal Executive Class passengers on intercontinental flights can request a Video Walkman and select their own entertainment from an onboard video library that includes five first-run movies, three classic films, one ballet or music video, and one major sports event video while they relax in commodious seats.
Economy class passengers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment programs and facilities. For parents with small children, there are bulkhead anchors for complimentary bassinets, and diaper-changing shelves in the toilets.

There is a new self-select interactive TV, Audio and Video, On Demand system (AVOD) which is currently available aboard Airbus A340-500s and Airbus A340-600s in all classes and Boeing B747 and Boeing B777-200 in Royal First Class and Royal Silk Class. These planes are now under the reconfiguration program. When flying with THAI on one of these planes, you may now enjoy an international TV channel, CD or film of your choice at a time most convenient to you.

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3.5 sur 5
Place 51K
Départ Chiang Mai
Arrivée Bangkok
I took the last flight out of CNX and was amazed by how full it was. I was surprized that TG uses a 777 for a 1 Hour flight. Boarding was ontime, Crew were great, Seat was normal no IFE and a small snack box was given. Overall an uneventful flight.
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