Plan de cabine Qatar Airways Boeing B777 300ER 358pax

Seat map for Qatar Airways Boeing B777 300ER 358pax

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Class Tanguage Largeur Sièges
Business 78" 21.82" 42
Economy 31-33" 16.6-17.37" 316
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Place 10E
Départ Doha - Doha (DOH)
Arrivée Sydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Ok so I fly Qatar where I can all the time and fly them a fair bit in last two years. I tried this flight deliberately as it was a 777 and have mainly flown A380 and A350 with Qatar and also to get a morning arrival in Sydney.

I don't often get disappointed with Qatar but this time got annoyed with check in information. When I checked in at Bucharest on my first leg I asked if anyone was next to me on the second leg as I am a big guy, they said no, seats were blocked. I thought great. Got on board window left hand side economy, 17A and find that I do get two people next to me. I said to stewardess could she do something and she apologised and asked cabin manager and they said the front row in the middle of cabin just behind business class dividers was free. I said thanks and moved to 10E aisle seat just behind business class. Seat was excellent for legroom as you can stretch legs right out and also stand easily to stretch if need be. Service was excellent at front of economy getting everything first in that seat and short walk to toilets behind. Only thing is it is a baby row and you may get a young baby who cries all the way. Only problem was this row has the IFE screen in the seat armrest and it folds out and up and doesn't quite sit at the right angle and screen very old and dull.

Rest as usual is exceptional, with the attention to detail from cabin staff spot on. The 777 for me though seems a little old and tired, maybe I just prefer Airbus planes.
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3.5 sur 5
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Place 3F
Départ Doha-Doha (DOH)
Arrivée Denpasar, Bali-Ngurah Rai International (DPS)
Incontestablement, il existe une très grande différence de confort entre l'aménagment de l'A340-600 et celui du 777 300-ER. Dans ce dernier, la première partie de la cabine ne compte que quatre rangées de six sièges et cela donne un sentiment de grande privacy. Le fauteuil est d'un usage très simple et se met facilement en position parfaitement plane. Le pyjama offert est d'un très grand confort. Les boissons alcoolisées sont d'un bon niveau. Malheureusement, le personnel, très nombreux et très souriant, n'est pas bien formé et s'agite beaucoup pour un pauvre résultat (on sert deux fois une personne et on oublie son voisin, par exemple.L'offre des films est nullissime (une collection de navets). On paie deux fois plus cher sur SQ/SIA mais je sais pourquoi maintenant.
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Place 24K
Départ Bangkok
Arrivée Doha
Boarding in BKK took a long time and once we were in the air I reclined my seat and the rude passengers sitting behind me very rudely asked me to put it back but i only put it half back, but the recline was excellent. The cabin crew seemed very bored and annoyed of the rude passengers put they were some that were absoloutely brilliant. The food was terrible but the little snack before landing was very good indeed. Once we arrived in Doha I had a really hard time trying to get through tranfer for my flight to Manchester.
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Place 6k
Départ Doha-Doha (DOH)
Arrivée Philadelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
Actualy, my ticket was cheap, for economy class, i was coming from algeria going to usa, and i applied for the qmiles to be a member few days befor my flight, whene i came to doha to check out to usa, they told me my seat was updated, they changed me from the economy class to business class, and i didnt feel that i traveled 13:30 hours, best company i recomanded to every body for long trips
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Place 39A
Départ Doha-Doha (DOH)
Arrivée Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
This plane is not bad. On the way to bangkok, an off duty qatar airways stewardess was sitting next to me. She advised me to use the ear plugs provided to cut out some noise from a baby. I enjoyed the flight and this plane. Will be flying again. really good entertainment system too.
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Place 1E
Départ Doha - Doha (DOH)
Arrivée Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
This is a spacious seat with overhead locker opposite instead of above allowing quick access upon departure. It is beside air hostess meal preparation area and the toilets directly behind pilot cabin but it was very quiet and I slept for six hours comfortably . Well done Qatar
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Place #NA
Départ DOH-Doha
Arrivée IAD-Washington DC
Wonderful 15 hr flight. So comfortable I didn't even feel the time go by. Very high tech PTVs, 2 meals, ice cream snack and as many sandwiches from the galley you could ever want. QR is amazing.
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Place 4B
Départ jeddah
Arrivée guangzhou
i have an experiance with so many airlines carriers, However, all are not the same as Qatar airways. Qatar airways is the best I have ever tried.
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4.5 sur 5
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Place 24c
Départ Perth - Perth International (PER)
Arrivée Manchester - Manchester (MAN)
Outstanding for the price, cannot fault this airline would definitely travel with again in the future. Staff very accommodating all round very pleasant trip.
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Place 2K
Départ Sao Paulo
Arrivée Buenos Aires
Wonderful service. This is a two class plane. All seats on business are perfect. Recline at 180 degres.
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