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Find below Malaysia Airlines approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is Malaysia Airlines policy on carry-on allowance?

Hand baggage allowances vary depending on travel class. Hand baggage exceeding the dimensions, weight or number allowed must be checked-in.

What is Malaysia Airlines policy with regard to checked baggage?

The quantity of checked baggage that passengers can take without charge will vary according to route, class of travel, terms and conditions of the ticket, and Enrich tier status.

A single piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs). Any single piece of baggage weighing more than 32 kg (70 lbs) will not be accepted at check-in counters at any station. Items exceeding 32 kg (70 lbs) such as bulky musical instruments, sports equipment, etc., should be sent as cargo.

For some types of special baggage advance reservations should be made, otherwise Malaysia Airlines may refuse acceptance if deemed necessary. Passengers must pack the baggage in such a way that its contents are sufficiently protected to endure ordinary handling. Limited liability may apply for special baggage.


On flights operated by Malaysia Airlines, passengers are allowed to carry in the cabin, free of charge, a quantity of unchecked baggage, which is limited by weight, number and dimensions:

  • Economy Class passengers- one piece, weighing no more than 7 kg.
  • Business and First Class passengers – two pieces, weighing no more than 7 kg each.

Each piece of baggage must not exceed the following dimensions:

All aircraft types (B737, A330, A350 and A380) Length Height Width Total
36 cm
(14 inches)
56 cm
(22 inches)
23 cm
(9 inches)
115 cm
(45 inches)

In addition to the carry-on baggage, other personal items are also allowed as hand baggage:

  • A handbag, pocket book or purse.
  • A briefcase.
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket.
  • Electronic equipment .
  • Reading material for the flight.
  • An infant carrycot.
  • Food for infants and children for in-flight consumption.
  • Fully collapsible baby stroller (on wide body aircraft only).
  • Braces/prosthetic devices and/or walking stick, canes or crutches, on which the passenger is dependent.

Carry-on baggage must fit underneath the seat in front of the passenger or in the overhead compartment. Security items such as knives, blades, nail clippers, or any sharp and/or pointed objects must be removed from carry-on baggage and packed in checked baggage.

Certain restrictions have been introduced for security reasons, to limit the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels, that passengers may include in their carry-on luggage on international flights. Items such as drinks, perfumes, sprays, creams, gels and toothpaste must be in containers that have a maximum capacity of 100 ml/mg. The containers should fit comfortably in a transparent resealable plastic bag. Each passenger is limited to only one transparent resealable plastic bag with a volume no greater than one litre. Bags such as freezer bags (20 cm x 20 cm or 25 cm x 15 cm) sold in most supermarkets are ideal for this purpose.

Free Baggage Allowance

The free checked baggage allowance is determined by weight:

Cabin Weight Maximum Dimension (length + width + height)
First Class 50 kg (110 lbs) 158 cm (62 inch)
Business Class 40 kg (88 lbs) 158 cm (62 inch)
Economy Class 30 kg (66 lbs) 158 cm (62 inch)

Depending on their Enrich tier status, passengers may be entitled to additional checked baggage allowance:

  • Enrich Platinum members: an additional 100% extra checked baggage allowance for the respective class of travel.
  • Enrich Gold members: an additional 50% extra checked baggage allowance for the respective class of travel.
  • Enrich Silver members: an additional 5 kg extra checked baggage allowance for the respective class of travel.

Excess Baggage Charges

f the amount of checked baggage stated on the ticket is exceeded, passengers may be required to pay extra charges. Excess baggage charges will be calculated based on distance flown from point of departure to the final destination in one single itinerary. Additional fees for checked baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance will be calculated depending on zone of travel:

  • Zone 1: Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak), Indonesia – Medan (KNO), Singapore, Vietnam.
  • Zone 2: Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia – Jakarta, Surabaya & Denpasar, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand.
  • Zone 3: Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
  • Zone 4: Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea.
  • Zone 5: New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom.

You can purchase Prepaid Excess Baggage at 20% cheaper than the excess baggage rate at the airport. Each passenger is only entitled to one Prepaid Excess Baggage option. Prepaid Excess Baggage can be purchased online, during the booking process or post-booking via the Manage My Booking option, and through Malaysia Airlines call center up to 72 hours before flight departure, at the following rates:

Prepaid Excess Baggage

Weight Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
5 kg 32 USD 52 USD 96 USD 160 USD 220 USD
10 kg 64 USD 104 USD 192 USD 320 USD 440 USD
15 kg 96 USD 156 USD 288 USD 480 USD 660 USD
20 kg 128 USD 208 USD 384 USD 640 USD 880 USD
25 kg 160 USD 260 USD 480 USD 800 USD 1100 USD
30 kg 192 USD 312 USD 576 USD 940 USD 1320 USD

If your baggage weighs more than the total free baggage allowance and, if case, the Prepaid Excess Baggage purchased, the additional excess baggage weight will be charged the normal excess baggage rate at the check-in counter:

Excess Baggage Charges at the Airport – per kg
From/to Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Zone 1 8 USD 13 USD 24 USD 40 USD 55 USD
Zone 2 13 USD 26 USD 37 USD 53 USD 68 USD
Zone 3 24 USD 37 USD 48 USD 64 USD 79 USD
Zone 4 40 USD 53 USD 64 USD 80 USD 95 USD
Zone 5 55 USD 68 USD 79 USD 95 USD 110 USD

Baggage Services

If a piece of checked baggage is missing, immediately upon arrival at the airport, you must contact a Malaysia Airlines representative in person. After the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) is completed, you will be given a file reference number to check the status of your baggage online.

If a piece of checked baggage is damaged, passengers must report the damage to a Malaysia Airlines representative as soon as possible, preferably before leaving the airport. Malaysia Airlines staff and handling agents will examine the damage to and will often be able to resolve the claim on the spot. If the bag has been checked in with a Limited Release Tag indicating previous damage, the Property Irregularity Report will not be completed.

Value Declarations

Passengers may declare a value for the checked baggage in excess of the applicable liability limit. If passengers make such a declaration, they must pay additional charges in accordance with Malaysia Airlines regulations.

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