Plan de cabine Qantas Airways Boeing B737 800 168PAX

Seat map for Qantas Airways Boeing B737 800 168PAX

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Class Tanguage ?Largeur Sièges
Business Class 37" 22" 12
Economy Class 30" 17.2" 156

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There are currently 28 B737 800s in the Qantas fleet, which comprises of a total of 201 planes (figures for Sept 2005) The total seating capacity for this plane is 168 passengers. This plane cruises at 853km/h and has a range of 4800km.
Audio and Video on Demand is now showing on all flights to Mumbai from Sydney, to Hong Kong from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, to Shanghai and Beijing from Sydney and Melbourne, and to Singapore from Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane.

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Place 4A
Départ Melbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
Arrivée Adelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
Plenty of Legroom
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