Plan de cabine LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 195

Seat map for LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 195

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Business Class31"17.3"20
Economy Plus31"17.3"12
Economy Class31"17.3"80
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DépartWarsaw - Frederic Chopin (WAW)
ArrivéeKiev - Borispol (KBP)
Second flight on same day with LOT and on an Embraer, first on E170 then this on E195. Largest aircraft in the family and was about two thirds full. Had considerable delay out of Warsaw as first plane had faults and new aircraft had to be sourced.

As with my review of the E170, I am a big fan of the Embraer. Super compact and sleek design and very neat and tidy inside , with extremely comfortable seats, particularly the thick padding when resting your head.

My seat 21A left hand side window and again ample leg room, comfortable seat, good view of trailing edge and flap operation. No obstructions under seat when stretching out legs as LOT does not have any form of IFE so no clunky boxes under seats. Not many short haul regional aircraft do have IFE as it doesn't make economic sense on short haul.

Service was fine bit nothing out of the ordinary, one paid service for those wanting additional food items and one free service with the basics, tea, coffee, water and a chocolate bar. Cabin staff 50/50, some great and pleasant, others very sour and serious.

Aircraft though was great and a comfortable flight for 90-100mins.

I marked entertainment down only because there was none like many carriers that short hop around places in Europe. I wish Seat Maestro had an N/A category for marking area as some things are genuinely not applicable. If there is no entertainment, you can't say its poor, they just don't have any. If you don't have any food or drink then similarly you can't comment.
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DépartGdansk - Lech Walesa (GDN)
ArrivéeWarsaw - Frederic Chopin (WAW)
wesz?em renkawem do samolotu powita?a mnie stywardessa a druga sta?a i nic nie mówi?a zajo?em swoje miejsce zacze?a si? demonstracja bezpieczenistwa samolot wystartowa? podano batoniki prince polo oraz wod? lot trwa? 45 minut samolot wyl?dowa? podstawiono schody za?oga nalega?a a by?my opu?cili samolot bo oni chc? szybcie skoniczy? prace
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DépartMunich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
ArrivéeWarsaw - Frederic Chopin (WAW)
Very good aircraft for short trip.
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