Voyager avec bébé Turkish Airlines

Are there age restrictions for acceptance of infants on Turkish Airlines flights?

Your newborn baby is not accepted for travel within the first 48 hours after birth. Babies older than 48 hours old but younger than 8 days old are accepted only if they have medical clearance stating they are fit to travel by air. Infants (babies between 8 days and 2 years old) can travel only with their parents or legal guardians.

Are there any discounts offered for infants and children traveling on Turkish Airlines flights?

Infants have a discount on all applicable adult fare, normal or special, unless otherwise specified in the fare rules and provided that they do not occupy individual seats. When the infant has a reserved seat, the child discount will apply if available.

Domestic Flights
Travel Class Infant (8 days – 23 months) Child (2-12 years)
Economy Direct flight 34 TL Classes B, M, A, H, S, O, E, Q, T, L – 10% discount
Connecting flights 39 TL
Business Direct flight 44 TL 15% discount
Connecting flights 49 TL


International Flights
Travel Class Infant (8 days – 23 months) Child (2-12 years)
Economy Promotion Fare rules may vary depending on flight route and date.
Restricted & Flexible 90% discount 25% discount
Business Promotion No discount
Restricted & Flexible 90% discount 25% discount

Traveling with Infants

Infants may travel without a seat, on the lap of the accompanying adult. One adult can escort only one infant. If you have two babies, you must purchase a child ticket in order for one of them to have his/her own reserved seat.

You can always choose to reserve a seat for your infant instead of holding him/her on your lap. For a baby for whom a seat has been reserved, you will be asked to bring your own baby car seat. The car seat must have its own securing strap, and its dimensions must not exceed 40 x 40 cm in order to fit into the aircraft seat.

On international flights, you may request Baby Meal as a special meal for your infant at least 24 hours before departure. However, on flights departing from Istanbul and Ankara, a limited amount of extra Baby Meal is available if you fail to make your request in advance.

Infants’ Baggage Allowances

When you have reserved a seat for your infant, your baby will be entitled to the regular baggage allowance which every adult passenger has on the respective route.

When the infant has no reserved seat, the following allowances for hand baggage and checked baggage will apply:

Baggage Flight Infant Allowance Stroller*
Hand Baggage All flights 1 piece up to 8 kg No
Domestic flights 10 kg No
International flights – Piece Policy 1 piece up to
23 kg and 115 cm
International flights – Weight Policy 10 kg
*Strollers can only be transported as checked baggage but, where airport rules allow, can be brought as far as the aircraft entrance, where it must be handed over to Turkish Airlines staff, and delivered upon arrival at the aircraft door.

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