Voyager avec bébé South African Airways

How may I travel with my baby on South African Airways flights?

On South African Airways flights, any passenger under two years of age is an infant, and each infant must be accompanied by an adult. If you are traveling alone with two infants, you should arrange for an escort to assist, or purchase a separate seat for the second infant. In the case of an infant turning two years old en route, a separate seat must be purchased, and the flight must be booked through the local SAA office. Children over two years of age are required to occupy a separate seat.

Does South African Airways offer discounts for infants and children?

On South African Airways flights, infants not occupying a seat pay 10% of the adult fare, and children between 2-11 years pay 75% of the adult fare. However, the infant and child discounts may not be offered for all SAA fares.

Traveling with Infants

To ensure easy travel with your baby, baby bassinets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Bulkhead seats, where a baby bassinet can be used, are the best seats when traveling with an infant. For a more pleasant flight and more legroom, it is highly recommended that you request a bulkhead seat upon booking. Baby bassinets may be used for infants up to 6 months, weighing up to 10 kg and measuring no more than 75 cm.

Fly-Tot cushions may not be used on board SAA flights.

For children up to 3 years old, parents may use a car seat for their child during the flight if a seat is booked for the infant/child at the applicable child fare. The car seat must comply with certain safety requirements: it must be forward-facing, secured to the passenger seat by the aircraft seatbelt, fitted with a single release-type harness and harness straps wide of minimum of 25 mm. To see whether the car seat will fit on the aircraft you will be traveling on, refer to the following table:

Seating Details A340 600
A340 300
A330 200 A320 200 A319 100 B737 800
Pitch 33-34” 32″ 31″ 32″ 32″
Width between armrest 17″
43.18 cm
44.45 cm
44.45 cm
44.7 cm
44.45 cm

Free Baggage Allowance

As hand baggage, infants are entitled to one bag, for bedding, napkins, feeding bottles and food, which is free of charge provided that it does not exceed the size and weight limits of standard hand baggage: 8 kg and 56 x 36 x 23 cm.

Infants not occupying a seat shall only be permitted to 1 piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg and a collapsible pram/buggy and a car seat.

Children and infants paying at least 50% of the adult fare are entitled to the same checked baggage allowance as adults.

Infant Amenities

Special meals are available for infants and children. Requests for baby meals must be made at time of reservation or at least 48 hours prior to the day of departure; otherwise, standard meals will be served. A wide selection of soft drinks and fruit juices are available for children. On long-haul flights, particularly those departing at night, children are offered the opportunity to eat before other customers are served their meals. Milk and food you carry on board for your child can be warmed up by SAA cabin crew.

Additional blankets and pillows are available in a limited number per flight, so it is recommended to request them prior to take-off. Nappies are not available on board. Every SAA aircraft is equipped with toilets with diaper boards. While breastfeeding facilities are not available on board, mothers are welcome to breastfeed infants in the cabin or the toilet if more privacy is required.

On long-haul flights, children’s activity kits are available to entertain young children while they travel. The activity kits contain games, coloring books, and other activities. SAA’s in-flight entertainment system also offers a variety of kids games, movies, and programs.

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