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BusinessFirstsleeping space 6'620.636
Economy Plus3517.370

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4.5 sur 5
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DépartLos Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
ArrivéePunta Gorda-Charlotte County(PGD)
Quietest ride I can remember...engines barely hum at takeoff despite mega thrust...even toilets that only flush when the seat is closed to seal the noise in...automated water at lav, toilet flush, and electro-chromatic window ''screens'. Standard CO > UA J class product, meaning thank you for almost 7 hours' uninterrupted sleep after a tasty meal. Hate that the IFE stops for each announcement, but that's life in this digital age...
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3.5 sur 5

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DépartSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ArrivéeSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
United Airlines is standardizing its seats to 17 width. This is fine if no one is seated next to you, but hellish if the person is larger than 17, which is the case for many fully-grown men. Delta is standardizing at 18 inches on its long haul jets. 34 in of legroom is good enough to place thick books or headsets yet still providing leg crossing opportunities. New video screens are large and good touch-sensitivity, have a trickle charge USB port and automatically darken 10 min at the end of movies to not be awaken by the glare.
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4 sur 5
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DépartLos Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
ArrivéeShanghai-Pu Dong (PVG)
I'm usually wary of getting a bulkhead seat right next to the galley because of noise issues. However, this was a no-brainer since the footwells in rows 1 and 4 have more room in the footwell. If you're under 6', please do the tall people a favour and do NOT choose these rows. We really need the extra foot space. And happily, the cabin crew working the galley kept the noise to the absolute minimum. UA has been impressing me with its international business service lately. Well done.
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4 sur 5
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DépartOsaka-Kansai International (KIX)
ArrivéeSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
The aircraft is wonderful! Big windows and, as noted below, a very quiet ride, especially up front. I didn't have an issue with the windows not blacking out completely as I always sleep with the eyemask on an aircraft. The seats are the same as the former Continental business first product. The service was very attentive and professional - a pleasant surprise. My only gripe was that, being 6'4", (193cm), the foot well is cramped.
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