Plan de cabine LATAM Airlines Airbus A321

Seat map for LATAM Airlines Airbus A321

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Space +32"17"18
Economy Class30"17"202
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1.5 sur 5
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DépartPunta Arenas - Pres Ibanez (PUQ)
ArrivéeSantiago - Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)
Very narrow and poor quality seats, space between seats is getting shorter every time i flight, same with the seat recline, they stripped off the screens for IFE and they dont use them on the old planes, also they took off the USB charging ports, food was regular for price-quality and the streaming app was not available for unknown reasons, almost like the crew didnt want to bother turning it on for everyone, some of them were very rude towards other tourists, even laughing at some german people because of the language barrier, the only reason i keep flying with them on Chile is because of my AAdvantage/Oneworld membership..
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3 sur 5
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DépartSantiago - Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)
ArrivéePunta Arenas - Pres Ibanez (PUQ)
LATAM crew were very polite and I liked the overall modern look of the plane, since I was expecting a more old and used look. But what that takes away all the good of the experience is the seats, specially its poor legroom and reclination. My flight was during night time and I kid you not this has to be my worst experience "sleeping" on a plane, I had to curl like crazy to (unsuccessfully) try and find a comfortable position. If you're flying on this plane make sure your flight is during the day
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1.5 sur 5
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DépartSantiago - Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)
ArrivéePuerto Montt - Tepual (PMC)
Modern plane but very narrow seats... one hostess was very unfriendly, she refused to carry away an empty metalic beer can and when I throwed it in the floor under the seat because I did not want to land with a metalic can in the bag in front of me she complained to me because of that. Some passengers also were watching videos very loud without hearphones and there are not power supply for cellphones
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DépartLima - Jorge Chavez International (LIM)
ArrivéeBogota - Eldorado International (BOG)
He viajado en todo tipo de low costs (Ryanair, Wizz, Easyjet, Spirit, Sky, etc) y JAMAS tuve tan poco espacio entre los asientos. Un suplicio la experiencia con Latam. Nunca mas.
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