Plan de cabine Corsair Airbus A330 300

Seat map for Corsair Airbus A330 300

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Class Sièges
Business Class 12
Premium Economy 12
Economy 334
Overall rating  
3 of 5 based on 8 user ratings


3.5 sur 5
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Place 44c
Départ Paris - Orly (ORY)
Arrivée St Denis de la Reunion - Gillot (RUN)
We chose row 44 A & C because these are at the rear and the seats are in pairs instead of threes (A,B,C). I found that the winged headrest on my seat was damaged and did not fold forward properly. Obviously nothing could be done at the time but crew were informed. The IFE was selection in both English & French was good, however my partner's screen (44a) was badly scratched and not 'touch' receptive. Seat width was normal for economy class and pitch acceptable especially as I could stretch my legs into the wider aisle space without preventing others from passing. this was a night flight and we had the usual choice of two dinner menus with wine/beer/soft drinks and a 'help yourself' selection of drinks left at the rear of the cabin throughout the flight. Shortly before landing we we given a rather disappointing 'breakfast box', but after an eleven hour flight it didn't seem to matter too much.
We have flown with Corsair a on seven or eight occasions and find that the service for the price, compared to other carriers, is better than expected.
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1.5 sur 5
46 votes utiles
Place 15B
Départ Montreal
Arrivée Paris-Orly (ORY)
Purchased a seat with extra legroom, and it was still ridiculously uncomfortable and beyond narrow. No space under the seat itself to. The equivalent seat (i.e. economy with extra legroom) on an Air Transat was way more comfortable. The plane felt like being in a freezer - it was that uncomfortably cold. One of the flight attendants seemed more interested in fixing her hair than anything else. The other was a borderline rude man, who kept ignoring us and acted like it was somehow our fault that he failed to provide us with drinks. I would rather fly Air Transat which is is a little more expensive, but certainly better.
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4.5 sur 5
46 votes utiles
Place 13D
Départ Montreal-Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
Arrivée Paris-Orly (ORY)
Very quiet and spacious felt like being in my own living room using the entertainment system.
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4.5 sur 5
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Place 38K
Départ Mumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji International (BOM)
Arrivée Zurich - Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
Excellent experience...but recline was a littlebit low...
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