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Place 3a
Départ Larnaca - Larnaca (LCA)
Arrivée London - London Heathrow (LHR)
This is our first time on the British Airways Airbus A320 European Layout for twelve years we have flown to Cyprus on the 767 we make the return journey 4 times a year in business class
The change was marked first the seats are economy the as there are three seats on each side, the so-called business class has the centre seat of each three fitted a tray device. There is no entertained system even though these flights are five hours long sometimes longer with delays on the stand or traveling to take off, our airplane was one hour late arriving at Larnaca that was caused by taxiing time at Heathrow. There is no room even in business class for all the cabin locker luggage the economy must be unbelievable because the staff were trying to place economy luggage in business class pushing and shoving the luggage about. The aisle between the seats is narrow it is not suitable for the staff to serve the business class meals the business aisle seats passengers have the bottoms of the serving staff in their face, I make the point this is no fault of the staff, the layout of the airplane is the fault. If BA is to continue using these airplanes, then the Business class should be converted to two larger seats on each side with the appropriate leg room creating a wider centre aisle. In the world of finance it has been show that business and first class seats provide more profited that economy seats why does BA not look after its business class customers, chase the economy by all means but don’t forget the loyal business class customer
I note that BA is selling a no luggage seat at a lower cost that’s fine until you note the size of hand luggage being carried into the cabin. I do feel that a test frame should exist for hand luggage this would place the gigantic hand luggage in the hold and those of us who try to be circumspect about our hand luggage will not find our hand luggage rammed and squashed in the overhead lockers
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Place 3d
Départ Heathrow
Arrivée Larnaca - Larnaca (LCA)
This business class in economy seats with the centre of three blocked AC are used B has a tray fixed in the seat DF ae used E has a tray fixed in the seat . The seats as you would expect if you were sat and paid for economy not Business class There is no entertainment just hours to entertain yourself don't forget to load a film on to you iPad The crew have to provide a meal to the business class passengers in very limited conditions there were 48 in Bussness class The crew worked hard and are to be commended for there efforts. This plan out of Heathrow is constantly late because it is used first thing in the morning to fly a round trip to the continent first
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Place 2a
Départ Pula - Pula (PUY)
Arrivée London - London Heathrow (LHR)
Dont waste your money on “business class” it’s just an economy seat with a tray in middle so no one sits in the middle seat. It’s really a big joke.
You don’t get priority boarding so cant enjoy a drink before take off. There is no extra leg room space and seats are simply standard size. Seats are hard and upright.
No entertainment whatsoever provided. i’m glad this flight is just 2.5 hrs, feel like i’ve been cheated!
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Place 4c
Départ London
Arrivée Athens
Business class fare. Economy class seat and amenity. What a rip off. Booked by my travel agent. I would have just booked economy. No leg room. No recline. No entertainment Oh a spare seat next to me but so did most of the people in economy!
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Place 2d
Départ London - London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrivée Venice - Marco Polo (VCE)
Typical BA European business class seat, which means it sucks. No legroom, hard seat. They are economy seats with the center seat being left empty.
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Place 2A
Départ St Petersburg - Pulkovo (LED)
Arrivée London - London Heathrow (LHR)
So many people squeezed in, there was no room to move legs in Business Class; Worst flight I ever had.
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Place 24C
Départ London - London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrivée Lisbon - Portela (LIS)
Bag drop queue huge. Boarding good. Seat okay. Service very poor and disorganised. Only got refreshments on descent into Lisbon.
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