Cebu Pacific Air Bagage et bagage à main

What is Cebu Pacific policy on carry-on allowance?

Carry-on baggage that is be allowed on board shall be subject to the airline’s existing policy: only one piece of carry-on baggage may be carried on board and certain additional items.

What is Cebu Pacific policy on checked baggage?

For all Cebu Pacific flights, there are no allowances for checked baggage included in the fare. Passengers may purchase Prepaid Baggage Allowances for checked baggage. If no baggage allowance has been pre-purchased, passengers may check in baggage upon payment of the prevailing standard airport baggage fees and subject to certain conditions and limitations.

Checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg per piece, in accordance with the occupational safety rules of the countries to/from where Cebu Pacific flies, including but not limited to Brunei and the United Arab Emirates. This is to avoid injury to porters. Passengers traveling to and from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Sri Lanka are subject to the same restriction.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are allowed to take on board only one piece of carry-on baggage. The weight and dimensions of the baggage are limited depending on the type of aircraft operating the flight:

Aircraft Type Maximum Weight Maximum Dimensions
All Airbus flights (A319, A320, A330) 7 kg 56 x 36 x 23 cm
All ATR 72 flights (Cebgo) 7 kg 56 x 35 x 20 cm

Passengers will be allowed to carry additional items on board such as handbag, coat, laptop bag, camera bag, cane and crutches (for Senior Citizen and/or People with Reduced Mobility – PRM guests).

Passengers’ carry-on baggage must be placed under the seat in front of the passenger or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin. Hand luggage that cannot be stored in such manner or of excessive weight or size, or which, for any reason, the airline considers unsafe to be in the cabin must be carried as checked baggage.

Passengers must ensure that their carry-on baggage is properly packed and placed in a safe and secured place so as to prevent or minimize loss or damage. Valuable and fragile goods (including money, cameras, video equipment that meets the requirements for carry-on baggage, negotiable papers, jewelry, electronic devices, precious metals, silverware, computers, etc) can only be accepted on board the aircraft as carry-on baggage. Passengers must advise the cabin crew of the valuable and fragile nature of the contents so that appropriate care may be taken.

Checked Baggage

The total weight of checked luggage is limited per passenger depending on the type of aircraft operating the flight and itinerary:

  • ATR 72 flights (Cebgo flights) and flights with combinations of Airbus and ATR – maximum 20 kg.
  • Airbus A319, A320 and A330maximum 40 kg.

Prepaid Baggage Allowances and Airport Baggage Fee

As Cebu Pacific fares for all flights do not include allowances for checked baggage, passengers should consider purchasing a Prepaid Baggage Allowance:

  • Prepaid Baggage Allowances may be purchased up to 4 hours before the estimated time of departure online or through call center and sales offices.
  • Prepaid Baggage Allowances may not be purchased after checking-in.
  • Only 1 Prepaid Baggage option is allowed per passenger per sector.
  • Rates are rebookable and upgradable, non-reroutable, non-refundable and may not be stored in a Travel Fund.
  • It is not allowed to downgrade the Prepaid Baggage Allowance.
  • Checked baggage in excess of the Prepaid Baggage Allowance purchased will be charged at standard Excess Baggage Rates per kilogram upon check-in at the airport.
  • Manual wheelchairs, crutches (for personal use) and baby strollers (if traveling with an infant) are carried free of charge.

If the passenger has no Prepaid Baggage Allowance, baggage will be checked upon payment of the standard Airport Baggage Fee for the first 15 kg. Excess Baggage Rates (EBR) will apply for checked baggage in excess of 15 kg.

Itinerary Currency Prepaid Baggage Fees* Airport Baggage Fee
(15 kg)
(20 kg)
(32 kg)
(40 kg)
First 15 kg
Domestic flights** PHP 230/280 340/410 700/850 1100/1300 700
International Travel

Except Sydney & Dubai

PHP 600/690 850/970 1400/1600 2000/2300 1200
BND 20/24 30/35 45/52 65/73 37
CNY 98/118 150/173 400/450 600/650 200
HKD 115/130 155/188 245/288 355/408 213
JPY 1600/1900 2300/2800 3500/4200 4800/5900 2900
KRW 18000/21000 28000/31000 38000/42000 50000/57000 35000
MOP 125/140 180/199 270/299 360/409 230
MYR 60/75 80/109 130/169 190/229 110
SGD 20/24 29/35 45/52 65/74 37
THB 520/599 700/850 1100/1260 1600/1800 966
TWD 500/580 688/780 998/1100 1488/1600 988
USD 15/17 24/26 35/38 45/52 28
International Travel

Sydney & Dubai

PHP 1300/1450 1800/2000 2800/3100 3800/4200 2500
AED 115/115 155/170 230/250 320/340 214
AUD 40/46 55/60 80/89 110/120 74
*Initial Booking / Manage Booking. **Rates exclusive of 12% VAT.

Excess Baggage Fees

If the checked baggage exceeds the weight of the Prepaid Baggage Allowance purchased for the flight, the passenger will be required to pay an excess baggage fee. Excess baggage shall be charged at standard Excess Baggage Rates per kilogram upon check-in at the airport:

  • EBR is PHP 250 per kg (inclusive of VAT) for domestic flights
  • EBR varies depending on the destination (e.g., PHP 350 per kg – Manila to Xiamen or Macau; PHP 450 – Philippines to Thailand, Shanghai or Beijing; PHP 800 per kg – Philippines to Japan) for international flights except Sydney, Dubai, Kuwait, Dammam and Riyadh.
  • EBR is PHP 1200 per kg for international flights – Sydney, Dubai, Kuwait, Dammam and Riyadh (point to point or through sector).

Sports Equipment

Carriage of Sports Equipment is subject to Cebu Pacific policy:

  • Windsurfing equipment, canoes, kayaks and oxygen bottle (for rescue divers) are not accepted as checked baggage.
  • Sports Equipment Allowances can be pre-purchased only for the following sports equipment: golf clubs, bicycles, scuba/diving equipment, surfboards, wakeboards, fishing equipment and bowling balls.
  • Other sports equipment will be accepted as part of your regular checked baggage.

For a minimum (prepaid) fee, you can purchase Sports Equipment Allowance, on top of your Prepaid Baggage Allowance, under the following conditions:

  • Up to 4 hours before departure or until you check in.
  • Only one Sports Equipment Allowance is available per passenger.
  • Available on all Airbus and ATR flights.
  • The Sports Equipment Allowance may be rebooked but is non-refundable unless fare refund is available to the passenger.
  • Standard Excess Baggage Rates per kg will be charged at the airport if the weight of the Sports Equipment Allowance that was pre-purchased is exceeded.
Itinerary Sports Equipment Fees
(15 kg)
(20 kg)
(30 kg)
(40 kg)
Domestic flights* PHP 1000 PHP 1100 PHP 1300 PHP 1700
International Travel – except Sydney & Dubai PHP 1000 PHP 1200 PHP 1500 PHP 1900
International Travel – Sydney & Dubai PHP 1300 PHP 1700 PHP 2000 PHP 3700

If no Sports Equipment Allowance was pre-purchased, the sports equipment will be charged upon check-in at standard Airport Baggage Fee for the first 15 kg and at standard Excess Baggage Rates for each additional kilogram.

Baggage Services

Whenever possible, checked baggage will be carried on the same aircraft as the passenger. Cebu Pacific may decide for security, operational, or safety reasons to carry it on another flight. Then, Cebu Pacific will deliver it to the passenger unless the applicable law requires the passenger’s presence for clearance by customs authorities. For every 24 four hours of delay in such delivery counted from 1 hour from the arrival of the flight of the passenger carrying such baggage, Cebu Pacific will tender an amount of PHP 2,000 to the passenger as compensation for the inconvenience the latter experienced.

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