L'avis de US Airways Airbus A321 de Thomas Hancock (#33346)

2 sur 5
Place 2D
Départ Philadelphia - Philadelphia International (PHL)
Arrivée Las Vegas - Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
Cotes détaillées
Legroom 2 de 5
Largeur d'assise 2 de 5
Inclinaison de siège 1 de 5
Divertissement 1 de 5
Nourriture et boissons 1 de 5
Prestation 5 de 5
This plane was a regular American Airlines 321, not an updated Starlets aircraft. I was very disappointed that although a choice 1st class seat, the seat was uncomfortable and didn't recline nearly was much as I'd like or that other American 1st Class seats I've sat in. While the service was awesome, the variety of food items was substandard for 1st Class especially since no dinner was not served on the very long 5 1/2 flight departing at 8:30PM. I was also disappointed the food items were all prepackaged and processed rather than fresh. Definitely not what I expect for flying 1st Class. As such in this case, my flying 1st Class was definitely not worth the extra money and five 500-mile upgrades. Finally, legroom was obscured by awkward placement of the leg of the seat in front of mine in such as way as it was in my way. After my previous American Airlines flight to Philadelphia was delayed hours, this plane for the reasons I provided above wasn't what I needed to relax after a long day and stressful week!!!! American needs to complete their modernization of these 321 aircraft as soon as possible
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