L'avis de Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350 900 de Yin Khoo (#34516)

4 sur 5
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Place 27k
Départ London - London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrivée Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
Cotes détaillées
Legroom 5 de 5
Largeur d'assise 4 de 5
Inclinaison de siège 4 de 5
Divertissement 3 de 5
Nourriture et boissons 4 de 5
Prestation 4 de 5
Paid for the extra legroom as I require alittle extra space since having back surgery and read reviews that the normal economy seats are alittle tight. Didn't want to risk getting stuck in the middle. Great space and loved being able to access the seat from the row infront. Overall the aircraft is OK. Aisles seems alittle small but happy with the seat itself (£35 for 14hrs of comfort is well worth it!) only thing is as its technically an exit row seat you have the entertainment system stored in between seats so can't watch anything until after take off and need to pack everything away prior to landing :) I ordered a low calorie meal, meant I got double servings of fruit and healthier options (protein) and also that I got served quickly. Also means you don't run out of choices depending on where you are sat.
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