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Class Tanguage Sièges
Royal Laurel Class 61" 39
Elite Class 38" 56
Economy Class 31-32" 238

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There are 2 B777-300ERs in the Eva Air fleet. This plane has a total seating capacity of 316 passengers in a three-class layout. This plane cruises at a speed of mach 0.84, at an altitude of 43100ft.
With the delivery of the A330-200s in 2003 and the B777s in 2005, Eva Air launched its Premium Laurel Class, a superbly comfortable, technologically advanced top class, and at the same time, unveiled Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) systems in all of their cabins. The Premium Laurel Class cabin is equipped with advanced electronically controlled, fully reclining seats and passengers can bask in luxury and indulge in their own private space. The seats have electrical lumbar support with individual controls and even have a footlight to help you find things under your seat! The 10.4” LCD touch screen comes with noise-cancelling headphones and provides films, music and video games. There is a 110VAC standard US power point at each seat, a satellite phone and the B777 has an SMS and e-mail service.
Eva Air has recently upgraded its Evergreen Deluxe Class onboard the newly introduced B777-300ER fleet and has re-named it Elite Class. The all-new Elite Class cabin has just 63 seats, equipped with XGA touch screens, noise-cancelling headphones and AVOD with flight information and video games as well as SMS and e-mail services. The seats also have a laptop power point.
B777 Economy class passengers have individual 8.4” touch screens with AVOD, a personal satellite phone and SMS and e-mail services. The seats are wider than the average Economy Class seat at 18.3”.

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4 sur 5
33 votes utiles
Place #NA
Départ Singapore
Arrivée Los Angeles
I have back problems but when booking online there were no aisle seats available. However i got to the airport bit early, check in was pain free no queue & the officer there was brilliant and got me aisle seats on both legs of my journey to LAX.

Very spacious, clean and psychologically much more relaxed because of it..had a very long journey to get to my mother in Florida and at least the international leg was very comfortable.

I even had the seat beside me free through the whole trip but the arm rest is fixed so no way to spread out there though it was useful holding all my junk whilst i did rest in my own seat:)

I didnt enjoy the movie selection but thats a personal preference and i had my laptop so no problems. Food was average (having been spoilt on SIA flights) but definitely acceptable. I liked that the stewardesses walked around frequently actively looking to see if anyone needed anything plus walking around with trays of juice and water...absolutely essential on those long dry flights.

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5 sur 5
30 votes utiles
Place 63A
Départ London Heathrow
Arrivée Bangkok
This will be the second time within a year that my wife and I have flown on this aircraft from London Heathrow to Bangkok. We have again booked economy class 63 A and B. We found the fight to be both a comfortable and very pleasant experience. We will be flying on the 24th. February 2011 and I will be celebrating my 65th. Birthday on 26th. February 2011. I can think of no better way of celebrating the start of my retirement other than by once again experiencing the feeling of being treated as someone special as I am sure all your other passengers do
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4.5 sur 5
19 votes utiles
Place 23E
Départ HCMC
Arrivée San Francisco
I travelled with my wife and 14 year-old girl from HCMC to San Jose. The first leg from HCMC to Tapei there was not much to say as it was only a short flight but we were quite upset cause I was seperated from mom and daughter. Then, on the next flight from Tapei to San Francisco, our request (window-aisle-aisle seats on the same row)were not fulfill thougt we were able to seat together in the middle. Hopefully on the way back home, we'll get what we want.
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5 sur 5
34 votes utiles
Place 62
Départ Newark-Newark Liberty International(EWR)
Arrivée Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International(BKK)
Folks, Eva is a top notch airline and this is a top notch jet. The service and facilities are spectacular. There's no way you can fly economy on ANY US carrier and get this type of service. The seats even in economy seem wider with much more space in front of you vs any US airline I've flown with. EVA is my #1 choice for overseas travel.
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4.5 sur 5
0 votes utiles
Place 3c
Départ Houston - George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)
Arrivée Taipei - Taiwan Taoyuan International (TPE)
Excellent seat and service. Flew to Asia on EVA and back on Cathay. Found EVA seat superior even though both were good. EVA outshined with PJs and bed cover. Food was okay, service top notch. The only area that needs improvement is movie and TV selection. I had my iPad downloaded with some extra content so I was fine.
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3.5 sur 5
0 votes utiles
Place 31C
Départ BKK
I 'm 67 . EVA is my favorite airline to USA
Last year my seat was in the front . I satisfied with long leg seat
This year I will fly on Nov 2, I hope to sit the same seat which I will fly happily with EVA for ever
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4.5 sur 5
24 votes utiles
Place 53K
Départ Los Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
Arrivée Taipei-Taiwan Taoyuan International(TPE)
My 3rd leg on EVA and am very impressed with the service and the aircraft. When flying overseas I will try to do it on EVA. It was a treat compared to some of the USA companies.
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5 sur 5
20 votes utiles
Place 8D
Arrivée Amsterdam-Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
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4.5 sur 5
32 votes utiles
Place 62K
Départ Taipei-Taiwan Taoyuan International(TPE)
Arrivée Los Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
Economy class seats are very spacious compared to other carriers. Cabin is clean and service is excellent.
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4.5 sur 5
2 votes utiles
Place 55j
Départ Toronto
Arrivée Taipei - Taiwan Taoyuan International (TPE)
Comfortable, adequate leg room
Good service and food.
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