L'avis de Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class de sqcpr98m (#27226)

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Place 39E
Départ Hamburg-Hamburg Airport (HAM)
Arrivée Dubai-Dubai (DXB)
Cotes détaillées
Legroom 4 de 5
Largeur d'assise 3 de 5
Inclinaison de siège 4 de 5
Divertissement 5 de 5
Nourriture et boissons 5 de 5
Prestation 4 de 5
I was a bit concerned after hearing how bad was the economy seat in the 3x4x3 sections after a relatively comfortable flight out of KIX to HAM in 47A & B. I am 6' 3" and a bit overweight but to be honest I was not all that uncomfortable. I guess thinner people on each side helped but the recline also helped.. In our 777ER the floor space was a bit restricted by the entertainment system box on the floor under the seat in front but that just made the feet snug rather than the space unusable. Our flights featured a mix of ICE system versions and the newer version is much better than the previous but either is very very good compared to most other airlines. I also noticed the 'all seats feature power sockets' claim is untrue. There is a mixture depending on the version you are flying in. When they are there though they really do accept any plug, including the Australian three pin types.
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