L'avis de Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing B777 300 (77G) de Ng Chee Seng & Chew Geok Lan (#31878)

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Place 39A
Départ Hong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
Arrivée Singapore - Changi (SIN)
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We have requested seats 39A and 39C at time of booking. It was changed to 39E and 39G by email informing us. Today, 14/11/2016 we were informed another changed to our seats. The seats much further down that is 53E and 53G. It is easy to say operational problem as a reason. The airline should have call us prior changing our seat numbers. Both of us are willing to accept one change from the airline. We do not accept the second changing. Would re-allocate our seats back to 39E and 39G. Our booking ref: 389PVT. Returning flight 1/1/2017.
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