L'avis de Air Canada Boeing B767 300ER (763) Rouge de Andres Lajara (#35931)

3.5 sur 5
Place 13-A. 13-C
Départ Lakeland
Arrivée Orlando FL
Cotes détaillées
Legroom 5 de 5
Largeur d'assise 5 de 5
Inclinaison de siège 4 de 5
Divertissement 1 de 5
Nourriture et boissons 2 de 5
Prestation 3 de 5
Two legs from Budapest/Toronto/Orlando FL.
Changed from Rouge Regular Economy to Premium Economy. Best decision.Traveling with my wife, So the Window and aisle seat Combination was Great. Plenty of leg room , tray comfortably down, bigger seats are always better but this are Fearly+ Good,.am a Big Guy, a Please, can I get a Seat belt extension Guy, and No Complaints on the Seats..
But No TV, Nothing, Get the ACanada Rouge Entretaiment APP Prior to Flight on your Cell or other. The Flight Menu on your seats packets tell you how to Connect. And to MCO Nothing but liquids, No Food, unless you buy it.
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