Air India Bagage et bagage à main

Find below Air India approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is the carry-on allowance?

Only one piece of hand baggage can be carried in the passenger cabin when travelling with Air India. This single piece of cabin baggage must weigh maximum 8 kg (17 lbs) and not exceed the following maximum dimensions:

  • Boeing & Airbus aircraft: total linear dimensions 115 cm – 55 cm (22 in) height  + 35 cm (14 in) length + 25 cm (10 in) width.
  • ATR aircraft: total linear dimensions 110 cm – 55 cm (22 in) height  + 35 cm (14 in) length + 20 cm (8 in) width.

Passengers departing from Jammu and Srinagar are allowed no carry-on baggage whatsoever. Special government regulations were enforced in several airports due to security reasons. Consequently, it is advised that passengers contact each airport of origin for up-to-date local policies.

Beside the standard carry-on piece, certain other personal articles can also be brought in the passenger cabin: a lady’s hand bag, an overcoat / wrap, a foldable umbrella, a blanket, a rug, a camera, binoculars, your laptop or cell phone, a reasonable amount of reading material, a shaving kit (but without razor blade and straight razors), medication needed during the flight (for example, asthma inhaler), a walking stick, a pair of crutches, a collapsible wheelchair, a feeding bottle or some infant food for in-flight consumption etc.

When travelling with Air India, children benefit from the same cabin baggage allowance as adults, regardless of the ticket class. Infants accompanied by adults, even though they may not be entitled to a seat or a free baggage allowance, are permitted to bring in the cabin – provided there is enough space – a fully collapsible pushchair, a stroller or a carrycot. This stroller or pushchair can also be brought along as checked baggage, should the cabin lack the necessary space.

What is the free checked baggage allowance?

Air India establishes the free baggage allowance for passengers based on multiple criteria: first of all, the system on which the allowance is calculated (whether it is piece-based or weight-based), secondly, the country of destination, and thirdly, the class of travel of each passenger.

For domestic travel within India, the baggage allowance is subject to the following rules:

  • Free checked baggage allowance:
    • Air India flights:
      • Economy – 25 kg.
      • Business – 35 kg.
      • First – 40 kg.
    • Alliance Air flights (ATR 42 aircraft):
      • Except to/from Shimla -15 kg.
      • To/from Shimla – 10 kg.
  • If connecting from Air Alliance flights to Air India domestic flights, and vice versa, on a single ticket, the Air India Economy Class allowance applies.
  • If connecting from an Air India domestic flight to an Air India international flight, and vice versa, on a single ticket, the free baggage allowance of the international flight applies.
  • The maximum weight accepted for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg.

For international travel with Air India, the baggage allowance is subject to the following rules:

Free Baggage Allowance – International Flights

Piece System Weight System
The US, Canada* Australia
Europe (except the UK) Gulf and the Middle East
The UK Far East and South East Asia (except Japan)*
Japan* South Asian Subcontinent
The sum of the three dimensions (length + width
+ height) must not exceed 62 inches per piece.
Rest of the World
On the entire Air India network – maximum 32 kg per piece of checked baggage.

*For Economy Class, the sum of the three dimensions (length + width + height) must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) per piece and 273 cm (107 inches) for two pieces.

Excess Baggage Fees

If the free baggage allowance is exceeded, passengers are supposed to pay excess baggage charges. These charges vary depending on the route (whether it is domestic or international), and also on the system used to calculate the corresponding fees (whether it is weight-based or piece-based).

Passengers travelling within India on Air India flights are required to pay an excess baggage rate of 400 INR per kilogram plus applicable GST

For international travel with Air India, excess baggage fees calculated on the piece-based system or weight-based system, depending on the route:

Excess Baggage Fees – International Flights

Piece System

Weight System

The US, Canada Australia Afghanistan
Europe (except the UK) Singapore Myanmar
The UK Gulf and the Middle East Bangladesh
Japan Nepal Sri Lanka
Seoul Maldives

If you have items that require carriage under special conditions, such as sports equipment, musical instruments or arms and ammunition, see the Special Baggage tab to find out all the transportation clauses.

Prepaid Baggage Allowance

Excess baggage can be purchased with a 20% discount on airport rates through Air India’s call centre or at Air India booking offices. Prepaid Baggage Allowance is available for all Air India domestic and international flights, subject to the following rules:

  • When the Weight Concept applies, Prepaid Baggage Allowance can be purchased in 5 kg increments (from 5 kg up to 20 kg).
  • When the Piece Concept applies, Prepaid Baggage Allowance can be purchased as Additional Baggage (extra pieces) or Overweight Baggage (excess weight on a free piece of checked baggage).
  • Excess baggage can be purchased in advance up to 6 hours before departure only for Air India flights (not available for Alliance Air, Air India Express and Air India codeshare and interline flights).
  • Prepaid Baggage Allowance is not available for infants.
  • No refund (part or full) will be permitted at the check-in counter if the Prepaid Baggage Allowance is not used.

Baggage Services

As soon as you’ve acknowledged your baggage is delayed or damaged on arrival, immediately contact Air India’s staff in the Baggage Service Counter – situated in the arrival hall. Next, you will be required to fill in a Property Irregularity Report that has a unique reference number. Among the necessary details, you will have to provide an extensive description of your baggage’s inventory, as well as of the bag itself.

Shortly after the report has been submitted, you will be given a copy of the report containing your unique reference number, and Air India will begin tracing your lost baggage. If anything comes up, the airline will contact you promptly.

If you fly abroad, and the delivery of all your checked bags has been delayed more than 24 hours, you will be reimbursed an amount equal to 50 GBP (3000 INR), or the equivalent in local currency, for the expenses you had to undergo because of the delay.

If you fly within India to another destination than your home, and your delayed baggage is delivered to you on the following day, you will be reimbursed only 50% of the amount spent to buy the necessary clothes (casual or formal), but no more than 2000 INR.

In the event your baggage was lost irrevocably (delayed baggage could not be traced within 21 days from the date of PIR), you can apply for compensation.

For damaged baggage, efforts are made to get it repaired.A suitable replacement will be provided to you by the airline, should your baggage be damaged beyond repair. However, keep in mind that not every sign of wear and tear (for example, minor cuts, scratches, dents etc.) can be considered damage to your luggage. Air India will not take responsibility for broken feet or wheels, broken handles, damaged over packed bags, manufacturer defects etc.

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