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Choose this seat since row 42 was available. This is comfortable with no equipment box unlike in Airbus 330/340 window seat. Plenty of leg space and decent recline of seat. Seat width is adequate and with this seat you get additional space along window due to its rear curve. This gap is very helpful to keep things and pillow also It's good to rest with nice thick pillow. Each seat power point is a big…

Plus d'avis pour Etihad Airways Boeing B777 300ER 330 pax
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Place 43K
Départ Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi International (AUH)
Arrivée New York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)

Asiento no reclinable, pero tampoco se encuentra en la posicion completamente recta que tira el cuerpo hacia adelante, es comodo aunque algo pequeño el espacio para una persona de mi tamaño (soy delgado, pero mido 1,80) Para hacer un viaje corto, es bastante comodo. No lo recomendaría para un viaje largo Eso del asiento, ahora el avion: Pros: Muy buen estado general, tiene Wifi pero no de libre navegacion, cuenta con una app para android…

Plus d'avis pour LATAM Airlines Airbus A320 200
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Place 10A
Départ Buenos Aires - Arpt. Jorge Newbery (AEP)
Arrivée Iguazu - Cataratas (IGR)

the seats on this plane are not very comfortable, the space between seats seems smaller than in other airlines, not only leg space is very small (my knees were stuck on the front seat all the time), but also the space itself was giving a claustrofobic sensation. The recline is not so much, however with the seat in front reclined, the feeling of discomfort gets even worse. The service is good and so is the…

Plus d'avis pour TAROM Boeing B737 700 116pax
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Place 12F
Départ Bucharest - Henri Coanda International (OTP)
Arrivée Brussels - Brussels Airport (BRU)

Derniers conseils de voyage aérien

Gili Lankanfushi - Best 5 Star Resort in the World 2015

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.44.40 AM
We arrived at the MALE airport at 9:00 am on January 6th, 2016. The boys from Gili Lankanfushi were waiting for us at the exit, ready to invite us to climb aboard the boat for the 20-minute journey that would take us to the island. Immediately we put on life-jackets and they took away our…
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Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha - 5 Star Desert Oasis in Qatar

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.01.43 AM
We arrived at the Hamad International Airport on May 1st, 2016 after a 14-hour long trip from Miami. An elegant representative of the Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha was waiting for us there with a sign reading our name. Immediately, he took us to the limo and from there we left for the hotel. The…
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The Inside Scoop on the Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is a jet airliner which has caught the imagination of travellers with its four engines, double-decking, and for being the world’s largest passenger aircraft totaling 6,000 square feet. That is 50% more than the Boeing 747 and can travel to a cruising altitude of 39,000 feet in less than 15 minutes. Travelling…
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Beating Jet Lag

beating jet lag
Jet lag is the one thing that can really drag you down after a long haul flight, profoundly affecting your concentration, alertness, and sleep patterns. It is also referred to as time zone change syndrome or desynchronises and is caused by our circadian rhythms (our natural body clock) being turned upside down. Interestingly, the symptoms…
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Packing No-Nos

packing no-nos
Have you ever found it impossible to hit the road without bulky or heavy luggage whose half contents remains untouched at the time you get back home? You probably have. It is, indeed, a bit of a struggle to decide what to pack and what not to. It is not at all easy to pack…
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Good To Know Before You Depart On Your Flight

before you depart on your flight
If you happen to leave during HOLIDAY SEASON or during the RUSH HOURS, make an effort to arrive to the airport at least an hour or two earlier; even though you won’t save any money, you’ll have a lot to gain from a psychological point of view.  Imagine that you’ll have plenty of time to…
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Traveling with a Baby in Europe

traveling with a baby in europe
Traveling with your baby may be a CHALLENGING task especially if you set off on a journey by plane. Not only that you have to be certain you managed to take everything you need aboard the plane but you also have to make sure you comply with all the regulations that apply in your case.…
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The 5 Stages of Culture Shock

Culture shock
When we visit or move to another country, most of us feel excited and bewitched with by new taste, sound, and smell sensations. However, culture shock (disambiguation) is a very real experience and will usually involve taking on a new language as well as an unfamiliar foreign culture. Conversely, this can happen when you return…
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Our Top 10 Fear of Flying Tips

fear of flying tips
1. Don’t keep your fear of flying a secret. Inform the cabin crew that you tremble at the thought of getting on the plane. Let them all know, the gate agent, the flight attendant or the passengers around you. You won't be made a monkey out of yourself if you do that. On the contrary,…
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